Chocolate Drakula: Songs About and Inspired by Fall 2011

by Matt Myers

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exactly as it says on the tin. might be forever unfinished. there were two more songs written for it but I can't seem to get them to sound right. I wrote them but lost the magic idk sorry.


released December 1, 2012

matt myers recorded everything by himself. thanks to chelsy, mindy, shannon, ed, peyton, ally, anne and raye for getting me through that time period




Matt Myers Burlington, Vermont

Matt Myers is a whiny asshole from Vermont. He is a multi-instrumentalist with near-zero talent. Do not trust him.

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Track Name: im a ghost
I'm a ghost
I float through the hall
you may not see me
I'm barely there at all

I'm a caterpillar
with that fungus in my brain
I want birds to devour me
I've lost all sense of shame

I'm a failure
I've got nothing left to show
I'm done with everything now
I've nowhere left to go

I'm a ghost
My body decomposes in my bed
all the signs point to it
But no one thinks i'm dead
Track Name: spurnin desire
I don't want a girl who doesn't hate me
I want her to want to murder me every night before we sleep
I want her to beat me within an inch of my life on the regs
I want to come home and find all of my count chocula gone
because she ate it all and then put the empty boxes back
the sex would be pretty rad I bet