Paris in Flames odds and ends

by Paris in Flames

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these are demos from my scrapped star wars rock opera project.


released August 20, 2011

matt myers wrote and recorded everything



all rights reserved


Matt Myers Burlington, Vermont

Matt Myers is a whiny asshole from Vermont. He is a multi-instrumentalist with near-zero talent. Do not trust him.

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Track Name: Who's Useless Now?
Matteo and Orson arrive at one of the syndicate's warehouse, an eerie silence pervading everything. The clues, the fragments, the bits of aura, all have lead here. A movement, flickering on the edge or perception. Darth Korello, his maniacal grin apparent even below the mask, reveals himself. A battle ensues, and Matteo is thrown aside.

Matteo: Oh, you promised me all the stars in the sky
The night we took swords, and chanted goodbyes
Thus forged an oath, you and I both
To conquer this darkness around
Well can somebody hear us now?
Well nobody fears us now.

Orson manages the appearance of wearing the Dark Jedi down, but a miscalculation in his movement allows for an opening that Korello takes immediate advantage of, cleaving Orson's legs from beneath him. With a careless flick of his wrist, Force Lightning jumps from Korello's fingertips into Matteo's flailing body. The Dark Jedi saunters away, his warning now given.

Matteo, his communicator shattered, his whole being in agony, gazes at his broken master, and with what will he has left calls into the darkness.

Matteo: Please, anyone, can you read my request?
The schemes of the master must be addressed,
And Orson took a beating, his legs are bleeding
And I fear his life's running out
Can somebody save us now?
Well no one can save us now.

Sudden anger well's within the padawan's breast... and quickly dampened. Calming himself, his thoughts stray to the situation at large, away from those that could lead down the dark path.

Matteo: We've fought for the last time
We'll pay for all of our meddling in their crimes
And now what have I learned
Play with fire kid you'll always be burned

Miles and hours away, Joshua looks up from his meditation. A bitter signal has coursed through him. Allowing for more concentration he recalls and decodes, and suddenly the distress call is revealed. At once he arises, rushing to his wookiee master, knowing time is short.

Joshua: K'aalche'k!
Something is wrong in New York City!
K'aalche'k: Joshua!
Make for the car, you know to drive
Let's see if we can't get them out alive!

Matteo: We've fought for the last time
We'll pay for all of our meddling in their crimes
And now what have I learned
Play with fire kid you'll always be burned

Korello sits in the shadows high above, sensing the beacon Matteo is transmitting, but seeing no reason to act. His message is clear and his task is finished. But he will wait. He will see who comes to their rescue. And he will make note and he will eventually retaliate. A vision of the near future washes over him.

Korello: Fire, walk with me to the edge
Before they arrive, I'll make sure I've fled
You were the one we thought about taking
Can somebody hear me now?!

Matteo's distress message repeats and reverberates through the night: lowering moods; darkening conversations; bleeding into dreams. A nameless fear grips the state of New York. A shadow is cast over the hearts of the populace. It spreads out, widening its effect in a matter of hours. In a week the whole of the earth will be under the spell of paranoia.

Matteo: We're now up here alone
Terror on the intercom can somebody save us?
We're now up here alone
Terror on the intercom well no one will save us